How Do Online Casino Bonuses Work?

With there being so many online casinos to choose from, the online casino operators have to be really innovative with their marketing approach. They have to come up with different ways to encourage people to join and play at their site instead of their competitors’.

One of the most successful ways of being able to do this is through casino bonuses and then following these up with promotions.

The first casino bonus that you will be attracted to will be the Welcome bonus. In the past, this was usually a one-time bonus that was given when an individual first registered with a site and made their first deposit. Now, to be more competitive, many sites have extended their welcome bonus to the first three or five deposits and on some occasions, even more.

The basic behind the bonus is that the online casinos will offer bonus amount to match the amount of money that is being deposited. So if a new player is going to deposit $100 of their cash, then the casino will match this in bonus money. This is not money that can be withdrawn and can only be used for gameplay.

Then to make the welcome bonus even sweeter, some online casinos have opted to throw in free spins on the slot games that they offer.

This is the basics of welcome bonus but from here, it can vary greatly among the online casinos that offer these bonuses. Some will double the amount of the deposit money or may even triple it with a bonus money match. Others may give a choice between free money or free spins.

With these welcome bonuses comes some very strict rules that are applied to them. For example, the bonus money may be restricted to certain types of gameplay. In most cases, there is compulsory play rules that have to be followed.